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Olcha, mother  Sape 381
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Compiegne  EK  2005
Dubai    WK  2005
Dubai   WK  2005
Bahrain  WK  2005
Bahrain   WK  2005
Friesian Stallionshow  06
W.E.G.  Aken  2006
Oviedo   EK  2008
Malaysia  WK  2008
Kesckemet   WK  2009
Bobolna   WK  2009
Assisie   EK  2009
Lion d´Angers   WK  2009
Abu Dhabi, febr  2010
Barroca d´Alva, mrt  2010


  Kentucky, USA

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WK Endurance, Tarengganu,
Malaysie,  2008.

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Pybe FT
(Onne x Feitse)

Full brother to
Gonda FT
out of Olcha
which is also
the mother of 
Sape 381


 op de wei ....

can be so beautiful

        You do´nt need to look for it,
        It´s just everywhere, around.

Een gedeelte van deze website is meertalig.
Aan een uitbreiding ervan wordt regelmatig gewerkt. 


This website is always under "construction"  but You can get an idea about the Equine Veterinary job I´m trying to fullfil,  24 hours a day,  365 days  a year.

                         Drs. B.Th. Horsmans,   Equine  practitioner

Mrs. P. van der Velde, my wife, surrounded by her fans on our farm.

Pytsje van der Velde
and Olcha, mother from  Sape 381 and  her  father,
Foeke  van der  Velde,
breeder of the Top-Friesian stallions,
  Sape,   Barteld  and   Walter and also the Champion-mare, Gonda FT.

             Van  der  Velde  Friesian  Horses :

  Home of the Famous  Friesian-horses   STAM  50

  Hille FT ,

(Sibald x Abe)
Born 2002,
an impressive
(stam 50) product.

On May 17, 2007,
Hille FT  had his
first dressage start
with a fantastic score
and an impressive show

Horses on the breeding farm

                     Friesian horses,

                           Stam 50


Olcha and Tetske
  in the south of the Netherlands

(Look ahead for some other special, equine impressions) 

From professional Friesian Horse Breeding with Fam. v.d. Velde from Terwispel, NL, till Eventing or Endurance support, from Shetland pony breeding till Equine Embryo Transfer. From daily equine practice with high performance Standardbred or Thouroughbred race horses to Top endurance and 4 inhand driving horses. Next to this, my job is to look after the veterinary health of my client horses, including warmblood showjumpers / dressage horses or western horses.


The famous Van der Velde  Friesian Horse 
Breeding Stable.

Home of
Sape 381, 
Barteld 292, 
Walter 282
and   Gonda FT

The Golden Carriage of

the Dutch Royal Stables in the Haque, NL,

The first Friesian horses for the Dutch Royal Stables and used for de Gouden Koets from HRH Queen Beatrix, came from Mr. Foeke vd Velde stables.

A pre-purchase exam at my practice on a Friesian stallion.
The complete article was published in the Phryso magazine in August 2005.

Our own breeding experiment, a real twin with one month difference  in age !!
One embryo was frozen for one month and the other embryo was transfered direct into a recipiant mare.
Both foals got special names: 

ET Fresh    and    ET Frozen.

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