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Bahrain   WK  2005
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At this moment in my Veterinary practice
      are working the following  people

      - Drs. B.Th. Horsmans DVM,   
                            Equine practitioner

      - Mrs. Susanne van Hooydonk  DVM,
                            Small Animal Vet.

      - Mrs. Ulrike  Heyde,              
                            General secretary

      - Mrs. Pytsje v.d. Velde,        
                            Managing breeding farm and Pract. supervision

      - Mr.   Alex van Hooydonk,     



        are from

  Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday and Friday
  from  13.30 - 17 h

Our  Small  Animal  hours are on:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  and  Friday  from  17.30 -18.30 h.

Outside the office hours, our PRACTICE phone:  0049.2456.2622 will connect You directly further.
In special cases, when we are busy,  and when You cannot reach us straight away, please try again  about 10 minutes later.

You can reach us,  24 hours a day,   7 days a week and   365  days,
the year round. !!! 

Main practice office;
Gut Schaesberg,  52538  Selfkant - Isenbruch,  Germany. 

Email:  equinevet@horsmans.com
How to get there ? .... (Route planner)...., please look at the other page !