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      Welcome,  Willkommen,  Welkom  on    G u t   S c h a e s b e r g

                                           Als  NAVIGATIE  adres kunt U gebruiken: 

                                                      Land:         Duitsland
                                                      Plaats:      Selfkant
                                                      Straat:      Gut Schaesberg

In the most western part of Germany, You can find  Gut Schaesberg, close to Aachen and Düsseldorf.
Not far from Maastricht and very close to Sittard in the Netherlands. Maastricht-Aachen airport is about 25 km away.


In the middle, the breeding farm:  Gut  Schaesberg, surrounded by about 9 ha of open field. The place to be is 52538 Selfkant-Isenbruch.

Looking for the World special offspring of the famous Frisian breeding Stam 50, of Mr Foeke van der Velde in Ter Wispel The Netherlands.
For more information look at the For Sale page.

Route naar:

Gut Schaesberg  te  52538
  Selfkant-Isenbruch. Germany.
Autoweg  A2, Eindhoven - Maastricht, Exit 47,  Born - Sittard  (bij Nedcar autofabriek). Einde afrit, links, richting Nieuwstad - Sittard. Steeds rechtdoor. Einde van de weg bij stoplicht links af richting Nieuwstad. Na 750 meter bij stoplicht rechts, Nieuwstad in rijden.  Deze weg 1,5 km  blijven volgen. Daarna links over brug richting Havert (Duitsland). Na 500 meter, op grote voorangskruising rechts richting Tuddern. Na 500 meter links richting Havert. Na 300 meter rechts, zandpad / oprijlaan,
Gut Schaesberg. Welkom !

Binnenplaats Gut Schaesberg gebouwd in 1842

We are very close (20 min) to the airport of Maastricht / Aachen and also about 1 hour driving away from the cities Düsseldorf / Eindhoven/ Antwerpen en Maastricht.

!!!!!!!!!  Breeding news   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!    Born  in   2005      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Born on April 27, 2005 
Friesian Colt,  foal by Andries out of Haebel (Ritse x Feitse)

Hello, within 20 minutes after I started to live on my own I was looking for something to drink. It must be somewhere in this area I guess, . . . . .

I finally found the place to be