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Waiting for the rain. Yesterday we got a lot of water from nature to keep the dust away.

It is important to drink at anytime and anyplace The organisation handed out a special instruction to all the visitors and competitors about dehydration etc.

Just an impression of the airco boxes for the sponsors just aside the grooming area in the middle of the endurance village

A lot of camels crossing our desert roads. For most of the european horses a big supprising animal in the middle of nowhere.

Dubai Television live on stage at the Bab Al Shamps Hotel in the Endurance city  The two Royal Sheikh Jr´s are life intervieuwed about there chances for this World Champ.

Dubai Television spent on sunday evening more than 2.5 hours on endurances racing and the last European Championship in Ireland.

Live in the
hotel garden
Do You know the road to .... the stableyard
Does anyboday exactly know how, when and how much to feed his hors ????
paddocks ofcourse shadowplaces for horse groom and rider.

Hotel view from the balcony and from the swimmingpool
Everyday in front
our room a Falken show was given

Just our  hotel bathroom

Opening ceremony
on Thuesdaynight with impressive music and lots of arabian horses and lots of visitors in the middle of the desert.A very special place to be......


All the nations competing were shown bij laser light on the roof of the small desert shelters Between these the horses and their riders with the national flags arrived at the central area and before all guests from all over the world. The nationflags can be seen everywhere

Just a view inside the opening area
 First vet-inspection on wednesday morning

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum
and his wife Princes Haya and his son, watching
their horses at the first vet inspection, this morning.
All are starting tomorrow morning at 06 h for the 160 km desert-ride !!!!
This Championship will be in the Guiness books of records because of the more then 180 competitors and the 44 Nations Worldwide which are competing here. The race tomorrow will be coverd by 5 TV channels life and more then 250 TV channels World wide with a report. On internet You can also watch the race life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the rooms at the endurance village where we could have drink and eat a liitle bit. On of the sponsors (Omega) showed her also there collection.
Just a view of the grooming area in the middle of the Vet centre.

Wat happens in the vetgate and what is the job of Teamvet and official FEI-vet  ?????? 

(At the end of the Vetgate-lane a complete Equine emergency hospital is located.  All the horse who do not pass the very intensive vetchecks are double checked at this place, before they are going to their own stableyard)

In total 5 intensive Vet checks are done on the horses and herefore special 20 Worldwide expierenced equine vets are on duty, today and tomorrow and on friday by checking the horses for the last time. 
The most important vetpart is watching dehydration and lameness.

What are the FEI veterinarians doing:

First listen and taking the haertrate of the just arrived horse This has to be below 64 beats /min.  If this is higher You have to leave the vet area again and show the horse for a second time. If the rate is again to high, You are out and can go home. So it is very important for a Team vet to take the haertrate before entering the official vetgate. The problem You do have however is that the longer You wait for entering the official vetgate the more You're loosing (time) because time will stop at the moment You entering the official vetgate.!!!!

Second:  The FEI vet's check, for normal gutsounds because if the horse is loosing to much water (dehydration) these gutsounds will be reduced. The third vetcheck part is CRT (Cap.Refill.Time) watched inside the mouth of the horse. By pressing for a couple seconds the inside tissue and looking for the time to refill, this refill time gives You an impression about overall circulation in the horse. Also the fluid inside the mouth gives You an impression about the total hydration status of th animal. Another test is taking a skinfold near the horse shoulder and look at the removing of this fold back to normal. If there are hydration problems the skin will stay at place or is slowed down. All these data are graded and written down on the Vetcheckcard.
After this all the horse has to trot and the soundness is evaluated. After the complete vetcheck the vet tells You passed or not passed. The rider is leaving the vetgate and the official rest starts.
This official restperiod is most of the time about 30 to 45 minutes.
After about every 30 km of riding a vetgate check and restperiod will take place.
In total 5 vetchecks are done at this 160 km endurance ride.
After all at the finish the horse also will  be checked. At that time three official vets will look at the horse and will give the passed or not passed sign.

Alltogether a very serious and very nervebraking procedure at several times and during at least more then 10 to 12 hours tomorrow.
Succes is needed everywhere but a little bit more esspecially at this World Championship.

I Hope to tell You more soon and till that time look at the world wide web or on television for a life report.  The best regards here from  the Endurance Village in Dubai.