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Compiegne  EK  2005
Dubai    WK  2005
Dubai   WK  2005
Bahrain  WK  2005
Bahrain   WK  2005
Friesian Stallionshow  06
W.E.G.  Aken  2006
Oviedo   EK  2008
Malaysia  WK  2008
Kesckemet   WK  2009
Bobolna   WK  2009
Assisie   EK  2009
Lion d´Angers   WK  2009
Abu Dhabi, febr  2010
Barroca d´Alva, mrt  2010

View on the Endurance village on the morning of the WChamp race 06.30h

Starting field in the darkness. One of the favourites fell of his horse at the start. After a while he was resaddled and at the first vetgate he was still in front again !!!!!

Carmen Romer on Joker
entering the startbox at 05.50 h

The two orange White Dutch horses always together for the first part of the race at the starting racetrack with thousands of  people watching and 5 TV stations life at stage.

The Dubai desert sunrise
The departure gate with the lateron World Champion  nr 11 from the emirates

Salomo Djinti at rest halveway the race. One of the most important things during a (big) race is the way the horse feels and most important is the horse eating and drinking well. !!!!!  If there are problems with these during the first rest, you really make sure that You have to try to get him there because with problems at the beginning you  and your horse will never gone a make it. The start has to be good otherwise forget about it, I can tell you for sure.
From all these Djintie was eating and drinking very well at every rest.  It gives  the crew and the rider a happy feeling.

You can compare the 100 mile     (160 km) endurance ride with a  Formule 1 car-race.
Everyting has to be at the right place with a complete team of people. At the right moment you have to work on it otherwise forget about it. Djinti at rest and checked by myself and watched bu several supervisors which keep attention at the timetable
Princess Haya wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid AL Maktoum starting here after vetgate 3 and riding for her Country Jordan.
She did not finish but showed her enormous karakter because of her way of riding during most of the race (out of the saddle) 
The vetgate was unbelievable on green green grass in the middle of desert sand. All the vets were protected for the sunlight and all the vets were always changing their places so every horse and rider got the same chance.
Two enourmous bodygards at the entrance of each vetgate,  looked at every card so nobody was entering without permission.
Tinneke Bartels gives some advise to Joan before she left the rest nr 4. Both husband Joep and Tinneke showed great interest in the endurance discipline and after a car-ride with the FEI Tecnical Delelgate  following Sheikh Mohammed at the track they were even more impressed in the top performance Endurance riding is. You must have karakter if you are one of the richest people in the world and you are showing such a strong behaviour in riding more then 12 hours on horse back with an average speed of more then 20 km /hour. !!!!!!!
Isn`t that something !!!!!!!!!!!!
Salomo Djinti at the finish and just after he got the sign "passed" At the last vetcheck (after 160 km ) you only have one check option. Ther is no second chance. So we had to make sure that evrything was really oke. Gut sounds, haertrate, mucous  membranes, gait, etc etc.
Weldone after a long day and 160 km in all your legs and ready for going home to the stableyard  He is still interesting in everyting what`s around.
The winning horse at a rest. In a  very good shape all the time. Unbelievable fresh and that with a new World Record 160 km in 7 hours and 3 minutes.

Sightseeing and calling for a room at Burj Al Rab hotel in Dubai

At the top of this hotel you normally never are allowed to take pictures accept today because of the endurance  !!!!!
The other side at the top You can have a view on the Palm !!!!
Lei Romer infront of one of the most expensive gold presents
He wants to buy ity for his wife but did not have his credit card withg him
Sometimes in your life you feel small like this entrance gide at the other big huge Dubai hotel
Frank Kemperman the chief from CHIO Aachen (WEG 2006) together with us
talking about how easy life can be or not to be
At the end of the day our police officer brought us back to the hotel where we had e very interesting conversation about important things in life and around other easy subjects.