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      Welcome to  the   O l c h a , model preferent     site !! 

Olcha is the mother from Champion-stallion   Sape 381  en  Champion-mare   Gonda FT,  both bred in Ter Wispel with Mr Foeke van de Velde. (Stam 50)

Jodocus FT,
(V: Ielke 382 ) 
3 Year old son of Olcha, finished his ABFT test in nov 2006 in Drachten with  a second place overall, with an 8 (the only and highest note) for trot. Bred at the van der Velde Friesian Horse Stables in Ter Wispel, The Netherlands.
(Stam 50)


The real story of the famous Van der Velde  Friesian Horse Stables  was published in the Phryso  in 2006


   model preferent

 On this page  Olcha, model preferent and Stallion-mother, shows     You her impressive way of moving with her very special hindleg use. !! This picture was made in okt 2005 when Olcha was 17 years old.The mare was for the first time since 12 years saddled and stills enjoys life. 

Op deze pagina toont  Olcha, model preferent en hengstemoeder  haar spectaculaire manier van beweging en haar aparte manier van achterbeen gebruik !!  Deze foto is gemaakt in okt. 2005 toen Olcha 17 jaar oud was. De merrie was op dat moment meer dan 12 jaar niet meer onder het zadel geweest  en genoot vollop van het leven.

 in the
 south of Holland,
 enjoying life. !!!!

In general, some background information about Frisian horses and  their breeding !!!  

What is important if You are looking for a nice, easy to ride, Frisian dressage horse.

t´s very important to watch carefully the use of the hindlegs of a frisian to know more about his potential as a dressagehorse. Most of the older bred /barok-type frisian horses are famous for the use of the frontknee action. If You look at their hind legs they often are only pushing instead of carying their body. Olcha is as You can see on the prictures one of the very few stallion mares which uses her hindlegs in a very special way. Next to that she still is unbelievable flexible in her whole body, she is always going forward and very interested in everything what is happenig around. She also is very clever and knows exactley when the time to show has come. She also has a very outstanding character and is very easy to handle. As You can also see on the following pictures Olcha produced some very outstanding offspring.  Sape 381 is a very special horse with a enourmous character and f.i. a very special use of his hindlegs. So You can imagine where this came from. Only in 2005 until september this year Sape 381 had more than 35 Frisan Starmares on the keuringen in Holland. Also a lot of 1e premies between the foals this Year where by Sape. This means that Sape himself as Olcha does,  gives a lot of his potential carying capacity to his offspring. On the other hand Olcha produced also Gonda FT which collected already as a 3 Year old more then 7 pedigrees in her short life. Champion as a yearling as a two year old and this year (2005) as a three year old. Most of all was mentioned her very special way of going (carying). !!!!!!!

Tetske F

V: Feitse 293 Pref.x Dagho 247.  
On this picture (okt.2005) she is 15 years old !!!! and is still feeling and showing very well.

Breeding............................ !!!!!!!!

It is known from the past that for the best breeding results You have to look very carefully to the breeding mare and in a minor way to the stallion You are using. It is said that more than 70 to 80 % of the breeding succes is belonging to the mother You are using. Next to the potential of Your own breeding mare also try to get all the information which is available from the mother of the Breeding stallion You want to use. Her soundness and capacity and her character is enourmously important and very often not recognised by a lot of breeders. It is kown that character and soundness are very critical parameters  for a succesfull breeding carreer of horses in general and frisian horses specifik. Please note that for the best result You also have to think about the hereditary capacity of some typical breeding factors. This heriditary breeding factor varies between 0 and 1. and is called,  h2.  Factor 0 means that ther is a minimum breeding influence. Factor 1 means a maximum breeding influence is possible. It is therefore important to look at the potential capacity of the different stallions, You want to use for Your mare. Look what are the (minor/major) problems from Your own horse and try to improve these with a stallion which can handle these problems

Some h2 factors which are known and can help You by making a good decision: 

---   for the walk of a horse, h2 is around  0.3

---   for the trot of a horse,  h2 is around  0,4

---   for the gallop of a horse , h2 is around  0,3

---   for the carying capacity of a horse , h2 is around 0,65

---   for the overall technick of going of a horse, h2 is around  0.6

---   for the overall power of a horse , h2 is around 0.65

---   for the overall capacity as dressage horse, the h2 is around 0,4 

---   (for the overall capacity as a show jumper, the h2 is around 0,65) 

Remember that for succes there always is a hereditary (breeding) influance and the rest will depend of the environment. How the horse looks and how he reacts is called in general the Fenotype. How the genetic potential is,  is called the Genotype. This always leads to the conclusion that, the Fenotype of a horse is always the result of Genotype added with his environment influence (F = G + E)

So if You are bying a nice good looking horse it can be a genotype low grade horse in a very strong and good environment (f.i. top rider) This means a very good managed stableyard can sell You a horse with a low genotype potential most of the time for a high price. This automatically does not mean You are bying a potential high grade genotypical (breeding) horse. 

My last advise. Succes is not always easy to get. It often takes from You 99 % Transpiration and 1 % Inspiration. Next to this take the best You can get and hope for the best and if possible listen and look for good advise from the older kwown breeders who do have a lot of (inside)information and for all experience. Remember as long You are listening You can learn. (People who are always talking never can learn)

With this little of background information I hope You will have a better look at different type of horses and specially the frisian horses.

Enjoy the following  pictures and if You do have questions or problems or if Youonly want to deal your experience try to sent me an email.


In oktober 2005 these pictures were taken when Olcha was 17 years old.


V: Feitse 293 Pref. x Naen 264, in full action in the South of Holland in Oktober 2005. Olcha is the mother from Sape 381, Dutch  Champion Stallion and Gonda FT, Dutch Champion 3 year old mares 2005 in Drachten

         Sape 381,

V. Fabe, out of Olcha, model preferent. In 2001 Top Champion at the National Dutch Stallionshow in Leeuwarden.  After these years two times reserve Dutch Champion

         Gonda FT

V: Onne 376, in action in Drachten on september 17, 2005. where she became Champion Centrale Keuring. Gonda FT is 3 years old and already Starmare with a 1e premie.

, model preferent,
V:Feitse 293 Pref.,  in oktober 2005. in action in the South of Holland. !7 years old and showing like a three year old !! Next to Olcha is Tetske F Star-mare by V: Feitse 293 Pref., x Dagho 247. Tetske is close related to the famous stallion Beart 411.

Olcha and Tetske


      in action !!

Olcha again !!

Olcha and Tetske.

Very easy to handle and enjoying life...... 

Tetske  in action

    Sjouke FT,

Embryo Transfer foal,
out of  Olcha and born in april 2005 and full brother to Sape 381 This foal shows here his action in the Championsring where he got a 1e premie also.