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On January 20 and 21 during the Frisian Centrale Hengstenkeuring in Leewarden the Netherlands, 28 young stallions were selected for the stallion perfomance test in spring and autumn this year 2006.

Did You know that:

My father in law, Mr. F v.d. Velde from Terwipsel, NL,  had a very promising young 3 year old stallion under these 28 horses. His father was Wikke and his mother is Wandrina FT (Wander x Jilles). This young horse showed a very good walk and impressive rising trot. The judges were very happy with this horse.

Did You know that:

Within these 28 selected horses, 8 horses were very close related to the van der Velde Breeding horses. Namke is the mare where Mr vd Velde started with long time ago. 7 horses of this year selected stallions are indirect or direct breeding products of this famous vd Velde horse.

Did You know that:

Beart, the Champion of this Year Stallion Show in Leewarden, was an advise of Mr F. vd Velde. !!!!!   Years ago the owner of Beart asked Mr vd Velde which breeding stallion would his choice for the mare Setske F. This mare Setske F was bred by mr vd Velde out of his famous mare Kingke. The owner of Setske F at that time, got the advise to breed her to Jasper. As the foal was born and the owner went for the first time to the foalshow, he did not really believe in what he had.  At that time Mr vd Velde again saw the foal and told the owner that he had a potential breeding Stallion in his stableyard, which would become a real champion in a few years. A couple years later Beart became an approved stallion and got a very good result on his Stalliion-performance test.

This year the real succes came because Beart got his overall Frisian Breeding Stallion Championship 2006 tittle.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 9000 visitors were watching this years stallion show on Saturday. Avery good show with a lot of atmosphere.

All these people saw how Beart won the overall Frisian Stallion Championship 2006. This horse so again an indirect offspring of the van der Velde Stables. !!!

Frisian Stallions showing their great showing potential

Black and White  !!!!!!

An older Stallion still in a very good shape and still showing from his best side.

These two great Frisian dressage horses gave a nice show and are close to  Grand Prix Dressage level.